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Step #1 - Commit To Yourself That You Will Sell Your Current Home

It’s a huge decision that may impact more than just yourself.

Step #2 - Find A Top Spokane Realtor To Determine Your Homes Sale Price

Understand the price of your home, your total net proceeds, & the timeline of selling your home.

Step #3 - Find A Top Spokane Loan Officer To Determine Your Financial Situation

Understand your downpayment, your mortgage payment, & how expensive of a home you can purchase.

Step #4 - List Your Home On The Market With Your Top Spokane Realtor

Work with your Realtor to maximize their marketing strategy.  It is proven to get your home sold.  

Step #5 - Review Offers & Accept

The purchase price, upfront cost, & closing date are three major factors to consider.  

Step #6 - Allow The Homebuyers To Conduct Their Due Diligence

Allow the buyers of your home to conduct their due diligence so they feel confident in moving forward with the purchase.

Step #7 - Sign The Official Closing Documents

Meet with the closing company to sign the official documents & prepare to close.

Step #8 - Move Out Of Your Current Home & Celebrate!

You have officially sold your home.

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