Innovate Real Estate Solutions

NW NVEST, established in 2020 was Matthew Brunners’ dream. The company he had envisioned for years, finally came to life. A company that was not built around making money or hitting a sales quota. A company that was built around serving others & using our platform to communicate our message to the world. Our message being… You have options. People care for you. And believe it or not, there are still good people that are looking out for YOU.

NW NVEST has a unique way of helping their clients solve their real estate problems. With so many ways to sell your home in the modern era, NW NVEST helps you UNDERSTAND the best route for selling your home, as well as execute on your plan. In Spokane Washington, there are over 2,500 Realtors (as of 2020.) NW NVEST understands that not every Realtor is the same. While we strongly encourage you to gather opinions of several Realtors before making a decision about selling your home, most NW NVEST clients love working with NW NVEST because they know exactly what’s going on. They feel confident in their decisions because they know a professional is with them every step of the way.  NW NVEST is built on open communication, honesty, & an attitude of putting our clients’ needs above all else.

NW NVEST started as a real estate investment company but will grow into something much larger than that. NW NVEST makes a huge effort to support the Spokane community.  In the Spokane local community, NW NVEST has provided sponsorship to local Pop Warner football teams, local community basketball leagues, & local family gathering events.

Above all else, NW NVEST has grown into a community of like-minded “entrepreneurial” spirit individuals that have all came together & decided that they would always put their CLIENTS’ interest in front of their home. These entrepreneurs ranging from loan officers to personal trainers to real estate investors, everyone has one sole focus: Make the Spokane community stronger.